The Impact

Red Wing Public Schools has developed a long-term education plan that will meet the needs of all students, regardless of their career goals, and give every Red Winger a chance to soar. The district wants to help all students meet their full potential in whatever field they choose. The results of the November 6 vote will impact students and community members directly. Here’s how. 


The Educational Impact


Question One Passes

The district will make right-sizing budget cuts and be able to maintain the current level of educational and extracurricular programming. This includes: 

  • Meeting goals for student contact with teachers by maintaining staff positions and class size targets.
  • Supporting students' career paths by aligning courses with college and non-college paths, and expanding community partnerships to support this work.
  • Maintaining current levels of guidance and behavioral counseling to help all students meet academic expectations.

Questions One and Two Pass

If both ballot questions are approved, the school district will be able to implement a new level of educational programming for students. This includes: 

  • Implementing items included in Question One.
  • Providing students more hands-on learning opportunities and vocational training by fully adopting the best curriculum for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).
  • Helping students better prepare for their careers by creating more course options, including those that lead to industry certification.
  • Increasing support for students by expanding mental health and behavioral services and opportunities for one-on-one instruction.


Question One Does Not Pass

If Question One does not pass, there will be significant changes in how we educate. As the school board has considered its options, some of the changes may include:

  • Fewer teachers, leading to larger class sizes and less individual student contact with teachers. 
  • Fewer course options for students, leading to fewer college and career pathway opportunities.
  • Reducing guidance and counseling services for students.
  • Fewer extracurricular activity options for students.
  • Closing Tower View Alternative Learning Center.
  • Charging higher fees for use of district facilities, such as community education.

The Tax Impact

The tax impact on the median-value home of $168,900 for payable 2019 is:

  • $11.35 a month if Question One passes.*
  • $18.67 a month if both ballot questions pass.*

Homeowners, as well as owners of seasonal, business or agricultural property, can find tax impact information for their property using the district's tax calculator.

*Estimated net increase over the current year’s tax, including the expiration of the current levy and the new $300 per pupil levy adopted by the school board