The Need

The current operating levy of $811.64 per student, approved by voters in 2008 and renewed in 2012, expires at the end of the 2018-19 school year. This November, community members will vote on two ballot questions and decide if Red Wing Public Schools can continue to make the investments necessary to prepare our students for success. 

If voters approve the ballot questions, schools will be able to meet the following needs:

Maintain current staff and class size targets and provide necessary technology upgrades.

Meeting goals for student contact with teachers by maintaining the correct number of staff positions and class size targets is critical to student success. Maintaining these targets allows teachers to keep students engaged and participating, build better relationships with students and better respond to individual students' needs. Technology plays an important role in today's education. Computers, curriculum and instruction equipment upgrades are needed.

Align coursework with career paths, including both college and non-college paths, and expand community partnerships to support this work.

Red Wing Public Schools strive to help every student find and achieve their dream through college readiness and vocational education that prepares them for tomorrow's challenges. In order to best prepare our children for whatever futures they choose, additional investments are needed to adopt additional hands-on learning opportunities and vocational training programming. These additional investments would be used to offer students a wider array of curriculum and courses relevant to a variety of careers. This would better prepare students to secure good jobs after high school and/or for college or other training.

Increase student mental health and behavioral services and opportunities for one-on-one instruction for struggling students.

With increased funding, schools would be able to increase their capacities to help students that are struggling to succeed. Whether they need mental health, behavioral or academic support, students would have better access to the services and one-on-one instruction they need to soar.


"From Pre-K to Grade 12, our students deserve the best opportunities to reach their full potential. When community members invest in our schools, they are investing in our ability to serve every student’s needs and prepare them for the real world, and they get a high value in return."

— Superintendent Karsten Anderson