How Will the Operating Levies Impact Your Property Taxes Next Year?

The estimates included in the tax calculator reflect the estimated net increase in monthly taxes for property owners from this year (Pay 18) to next year (Pay 19), assuming one or both levy questions are approved by residents. The estimate includes the expiration of the current operating levy and the board’s decision to approve a state-authorized $300 per-pupil levy. There may be other adjustment in the tax levy for Pay 19.  


Example: Home value of $150,000


Change in monthly tax

Step 1:

Current operating levy expires


Step 2:

Board-approved $300 per-pupil levy


Step 3:

If voter authorize Question 1


Monthly increase next year $10.08

Step 4:

If voters also authorize Question 2


Total monthly increase $16.58

The levies requested in Questions 1 and 2 will last for five years. Levies must be re-authorized by public referendum.

Your share of the school operating levy is based on the market value of the residential or business property you own within the district. The market value of agricultural land is assessed only on one acre of homesteaded property, and seasonal-recreational property is excluded.